Four Horsemen of the Brand Apocalypse

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If your company doesn’t create a brand, it won’t offer more than generic products in its catalogue. As a result, companies that produce with the best price, will win. These days, when everyone, even a smallest business believes that they are already a brand and it is very difficult to convince them to be careful and act smarter and think more.

Your brand is not what you say it. It’s what they say it is.

Sometimes marketing people sitting in their cozy air-conditioned rooms and have no idea about reality. They claim that they are dealing with a successful brand: people love them, know about them e.t.s. Such “hermits” even can’t imagine that their brand on the verge of extinction, because they never leave the cozy office. They do not analyzing the situation and as a result they are losing. Advertising business professionals prefer to know for sure. Using the knowledge about the Target Group, even a cursory survey can dramatically change the situation for the benefit of the brand and show gaps between the product and its communication. Definitely professional monitoring of any brand activity is a better solution.

Inadequate communication.

Most often, the brand suffers from non-professional activities of company employees. Brand communication makes brand successful. And a not well thought-out communication can harm the development of the brand, and possibly even destroy it. A brand communication is always a thoughtful constructive process, one step at a time which results into another steps. As a result the brand grows and prospers. Successful communication is the result of the team work of advertising agency, PR agency, and most importantly client.

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time!

It’s funny but many companies prefer to cut their advertising budget… It’s really very funny :) I’m certainly not saying that we must take all the money and throw them in the advertising campaign. However, the smaller the budget, the smarter should be the steps taken. Because, in the saving mode, brand can’t afford to make any mistake. The less budget you have, the higher should be the level of professionals you hire.

Saving on design.

This is one of the most popular horseman of the advertising apocalypse. When a client hires an unprofessional (not expensive) designers, he forgets one simple thing, that the printing or the media costs will not become cheaper. When the company prints the 10,000 poorly made and poorly printed leaflets, or an advertisement that goes unnoticed, he does not understand that it just like throwing money away. Of course if you need and you can save, but make a good design that is noticed, or just print 5000 instead of 10000, … And … most importantly make it clear to who you give your leaflet to and choose your media carefully. In a word, if your client is a carting-center, you should not be distributing your leaflets to pensioners in the next-door supermarket :) If your product costs $500, don’t advertise yourself to people who can’t afford it. Understanding the difference between mass marketing and targeted marketing gives fantastic benefits to your brand activity.

In a word, dear owners of brands and their employees – try to be more critical of your knowledge in advertising, hire professionals, brief them well and please do not interfere in their work.

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