Ukrainian typography

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“Mal du pays”
Book of letters of the Ukrainian diaspora
Book Design by Vasil Chebanik and Oleksandr Mikula

“Everybody has already agreed that a font (calligraphy) is a means depicting speech. Blessed is the speech that has its font, its masters illustrating this speech by naked nerve terminations. A language that does not master these means is like a dialect. Obviously that these thoughts inspired Methodius and Cyril to invent, on the basis of the Greek and Latin alphabet and proto-Cyrillic signs, that comprises all the best from the two previous alphabets and that became richer than its predecessors in terms of functionality. But being canonized, it fixated.
Only the calligraphers who are Cyrillic fans are able to give a new, fresh blood to this elite art by joint efforts.
I enjoy reading thoughts of calligraphy on your website – there are people from whom to learn and whom to follow cue. I feel pity for people devoid of the desire to enrich their feelings and mind with untold wealth brought by font art.”

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