Advertising techniques for a bloggers. The first activity is building a communication.

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When we have finally figured out the efficiency of our product, it’s time to act. The first and most important task is to use effective points of the product to get benefits.
Blog is primarily a communication, so the success depends on the ability to build it correctly.
Today, an incredible amount of Internet users have their own blogs. However, not all blogs are successful and popular, why is that so? It all depends on the ability to build a competent communication and relationship and if your readers come back to you again and again, its success.
The tasks for every blogger is different, some want to increase their  popularity or popularity of their business, some are looking for a source of income, some may be driven by the need to do something creative…. and so on …
So, what is your reason to write a blog?

Let’s look at a few popular options.

We are writing for money!
Sometimes just reading some useful articles about fast money online becomes the reason for starting a blog. Good or bad? Many such bloggers become disappointed very soon when money doesn’t come fast and easy. Writing for money is difficult, its a  duty to be performed everyday, it is important to be mega popular and you must have a traffic of more than 5000 people. Can you do this? Excellent, then do it, but remember your job is money and only money, which means proper planning and hard work.
I want they notice and respect me!
This is an excellent reason to write a blog. Blog on efficient platforms where one can build their popularity. If you aim to building an authority, then writing posts regularly is still important, but the more important task is the quality of your content. If you want to be respected and recognizable and if you want to be quoted by others, be ready to work. In a world of  a million blogs it is not so easy to gain popularity, but yet it is possible. Remember respect comes with time, but worry about the quality of the content, loyal readers, be useful and interesting and the glory will not keep you waiting.
The third and most important reason among all the above:
“I love to write, I live and breathe it, it brings me a lot of fun and the themes of my blog are some of my great hobbies”
Perhaps it’s the only reason to start a blog. Such people never get tired of writing; they find new themes and adore their little world built with their own hands and ideas. “Love me as I am,” they say to the world and world loves them. These bloggers easily achieve the popularity of their posts; people read their posts and leave comments with their soul and with pleasure. The task of such blogs is to build a little world of own blog, they play with the matter of life, giving to it new properties and they act intuitively rather than logically.
Is it possible to combine all three of these reasons?
The answer is yes. Write always from your heart. Your reader instinctively feels what you have in mind. Reading a book or blog, we become writers by ourselves as we start living the life of book or blog characters. Whatever the reason for your blog you need to be honest with your readers, using intuition and imagination, and always ask: “Am I going to read this?”
The relationship between the reader and your blog can last a long time, so plan, read, open new horizons and learn to share your experiences with your readers. Right communication will help you to build a strong relation with your readers.
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