Brand or just another name? Or why internal communication as important as the outside one?

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Often working with very large corporations we face a very strange phenomenon; external communication seems to show a great brand, but the internal one……

Of course the external communication produces the public opinion and it is a very important component for the brand. And very few of your customers will actually see what is going on inside (if you don’t consider your workers as your customers ;)), but it is well worth remembering those who produce your wonderful product.
Huge companies often have an internal magazine, an intranet (internal site) and a number of posters hung here and there. But how often do these companies think about the quality of these magazines and intranet, and most importantly about their effectiveness. But why do we need this internal system of communication with employees? Some executives think that all this nonsense with the internal sites and magazines generally distracts people attention from work … So why to spend on such “useless” things? Just understand that internal communication can become a very effective tool too helping in growing your business successfully.

What makes internal communication so important?

When you create a real brand, in addition to the logo and identity you get values, vision and mission of the company. Many brand-books talk about the behavior and the dress-code of staff, as well as their way of thinking. How can you control their thoughts you may ask? These employee thoughts, behavior and feelings are controlled or rather build with the internal communication.
The man working for the company simply must not only love their work and receive pleasure from it, but still be proud of his company. Internal communication helps in raising the morale of employees and adjusting them in accordance with the values of the corporate strategy.

High-quality interior design, suggesting the possibility for active work and for quality rest has a very positive impact on the mood of employees.

Interior Headstrong

Interior PwC

Interior Adobe

Printed products.
With simple posters we can decorate the space and set up people on the right tone of work. Branded organizers, pens, mugs and other “small things” talk with the staff on behalf of your brand, who then do not forget about such “trivialities”

Posters Schenker

Posters Schenker

Gifts for the occasion.
Once I heard: “Yes, I saw what they gave to others but did not unpack my gift, it was lying in a cupboard for over a year.” Smart gifts help workers share the values of their company with family and friends. The question is not in the price of the gifts, they have to be done in time and just be interesting. Remember you are gifting to the person who gives to your company minimum eight hours of his life almost every day.

Build the strong internal communication and your staff will respond with excellent work and dedication to the ideals of the company.

“It was an unusually busy afternoon at the local Domino’s Pizza in small town America. Orders were coming in at a blistering pace, the kitchen was at maximum capacity and the blue-uniformed delivery boys and girls were working overtime to get pizzas out to hungry customers. It was just then that the unthinkable happened: they were nearly out of pizza dough. Stocks were so low in fact, that if orders kept coming in at the frenzied pace they had been doing so, the kitchen would simply run out. Action was needed, and fast. The manager grabbed the phone and called the national Vice President of Distribution for the US, explaining the situation. A chill ran down the spine of the Vice President as he thought of the public embarrassment if one of Domino’s outlets could not deliver as promised. Springing into action, he did everything in his power to solve the problem: A private jet was dispatched at once, laden with Domino’s special deep pan dough, and all the while local employees battled against the clock, as their inventory of dough dwindled.
Unfortunately, all their efforts were in vain. Even a private jet couldn’t get the dough there on time, and that night Domino’s Pizza was forced to disappoint many hungry customers. For an entire month afterwards, employees went to work wearing black mourning bands.”
It makes it easier for us to believe in Domino’s vision: to be “the best pizza delivery company in the world”. By telling a story like this, both employees and consumers understand what it really means to be the best.”

Quoted from: “Storytelling Branding in Practice”
by Klaus Fog, Christian Budtz, Baris Yakaboylu

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    Wonderful article. I could not have described this better. I don’t know if every person will go along with you, but it probably doesn’t matter. Carry on the excellent work.

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    Keep on posting such articles. This helps us to stay updated and connected to people with same interests as ours.

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    Po co du?o m?wi?… Super napisany materia?. Wpad?am na Twoj? przypadkowo klikaj?c w Yahoo, ale trafi?e? we mnie ju? wiernego czytelnika :) siemka

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