Advertising techniques for blogger. Chapter Five. 8 important steps before action.

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Well, time is only one aspect of the budget that we have considered here, there are many others. However, before you start to spend your budget, whether its money, time or effort, ask the advertising agency for the suggestion. That’s how we proceed. By the way, since we are working with an imaginary agency, only you are the decision maker.

The first meeting with agency after the effective analysis of your product (blog)

Agency already knows who you are and what your blog is about and the agency understands what kind of budget you have.

If you effectively analyze your blog, then you already know its target audience, you know what to write about, you make your design more attractive, and navigation more effective. If you analyze and collect information from your sources for a while you must have collected at least a couple of paper sheets, so let’s look at them closely. The information you collected is the basis for further action.

Analyze the condition of the product at this moment:

  1. How effective is the product / how many readers the blog attracts every day?
  2. The frequency of updating in your blog / how fresh is your product ;)?
  3. Who are your potential buyers / readers?
  4. Who are your competitors and how to be better than them?
  5. Which unique qualities your product / blog has?
  6. Statistics of your site shows which days of the week more “successful” than others. Which are these days and which are ones that are not “successful”?
  7. What social network sites, forums, games your readers like?
  8. According to your keywords, what is the Google SERP?

Again, take paper and pencil and answer questions. Answers to these questions should summarize the previous file research and provide an impetus for action. Spend time on it, because the more thorough and complete answers are, the easier it is to move forward.

Share your questions. If you have some ideas how to improve the list of the questions do not hesitate to comment.

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