Advertising techniques for bloggers. Chapter Four. Budget.

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Hey! What budget are you talking about? I am blogging on the free server and spend nothing…some can say.
In this case, it is not about the money, or not just about the money.

For a start let us define what the budget is?

“A budget (from old French bougette, purse) is generally a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving and spending”Wiki

So what a blogger has to spend to attract the readers? In fact, if you’re serious about your blogging, then your blog — is your business, and so you will certainly be investing. The question is what one should invest in the project to enhance its effectiveness?

The first and most important is actually the TIME.

When we treat the blog seriously, the question arises, how much time we have to spend on writing …
A good number of interesting and attractive posts are often a result of the effort and time. While you spend your time, the reader pays you by their time and attention. So we get a formula: time spent on the blog in general is in proportion to the time and attention from the public. Verify if is it so?
What do we do to attract traffic and loyal readers? Yes, we have to spend our time. And how do we have to spend this time? With profit.

So you need to understand how to spend your time (budget) with profit.

  1. Writing Quality Content
  2. Make navigation of blog work for you, not against you.
  3. Work on the position in search engines (SEO)
  4. Publications of posts in various social media
  5. Generating more followers, who want to spread your ideas
  6. Creating a database for e-mailing of advertisements and newsletters
  7. Commenting on blogs in your niche
  8. Commenting on the forums
  9. and Learning, Learning, Learning…

Well, this is just a start. If you have more ideas how to spend time with own blog to enhance its effectiveness, do not hesitate to comment. Share your experience, thinking together is always better.

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