Advertising techniques for bloggers. Chapter Three. Define your target audience.

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We have repeatedly talked about defining the target audience. As it is one of the most important part of any promotion, let’s discuss this topic again.

The task of understanding who is your TA has to be handled very carefully. Why? Messages which bombard those who are not interested in you topic will make you a spammer. Knowing the target audience is one of the main tasks of a successful readership building.

“In marketing and advertising, a target audience, or target group is the primary group of people that something, usually an advertising campaign, is aimed at appealing to.”


The target audience of the blog the reader

The Professional advertising person will want to know the target audience’s:

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Gender
  4. Knowledge of and frequency of Internet use

The more Questions and more answers you can add, the better you would know about your blog .

Let’s consider in detail each item to understand how an advertising specialist thinks.

Age group.
We’ll be considering a group rather than a specific age. So, what does the group look like: teenagers, average age, elderly. Or the detailed version of groups: from 10 to 15, from 25 to 30, from 30 to 50, 50 and above. What gives us the understanding of the age group? When you know exactly who is reading your blog, you will understand what to write about and how to use language appealing to your readers. This will also give you the opportunity to check the quality of your posts before publishing.

Level of education of your readers gives you the answer to what to write, or more often about what not to write. The quality of your blog depends precisely on this characteristic.

Knowing who is reading your blog more – males or females, you can develop more interesting or even narrow down your topics. Your task is to make your blog attractive and popular that pleases your target audience and they return to your blog and comment on it and they might even invite their friends.

The frequency of Internet use and knowledge of the network.
Perhaps for the blog this is the most vital information. Is it easy for your potential readers to find your blog, do they use facebook, twitter, or digg, or do they experience fear when using the computer or are they cyber geeks?
As you can see such a simple question gives you a lot of interesting information from the life of your reader. So you can satisfy your reader.

What gives us the knowledge of the target audience?

For example your reader is a woman over 50 who loves soap TV shows and loves to read about them, but she is not so familiar with Internet. For such readers you need to simplify navigation, your design might talk to her on a simple “home language” … she does not want to get some nuclear physics courses, you know.

Here’s another example: your reader belongs in the 12 to16 age group and you write about popular music. This audience has an excellent knowledge of the Internet, so you might have a high competition, they usually have account on facebook (even if it is illegal), Digg, Twitter (So you can reach them here)… just imagine how you can use a fantastic but crazy design and how many plugins you should add to attract this new audience.

Make your reader to your follower, be useful, interesting and original. Ask yourself as many questions about your reader, as you can, even arrange a brainstorming session with friends, let them suggest you (you not need to use all suggestions really, but at least collect them).

Ideally, you should ask about 100 representatives of your target audience to get an almost real answer. Remember that in the international blogging local traditions and culture will play a big role.

For a survey of your target, you can use forums, comments, competing blogging, friends, etc.

Be attentive and consistent in this study, the results are worth its weight in gold.

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