Advertising techniques for bloggers. Chapter One. Treating the blog as a product.

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Let us imagine that you an advertising agency to start your blog promotion. How professionals will start to work with you?

First, they will try to understand who you are and what product you have, so they will ask you a couple of questions:

What is your product about?
What are the main qualities of your product?
Who are your main competitors?
How you can describe your target audience?
And more important! What is your budget?

Since we have only imagined that you have an advertising agency, we invite you to answer these questions yourself. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write the answers. Let me tell you, that the proposed budget can be considered not only for just funds but also for the time invested.

Well, I hope you have answered your answers by now. Then let us continue …

We believe that the blog is a product, and as the product, it has certain qualities. These qualities can attract or repel your potential customers. Who are these customers of the blog? Well, of course, they are your readers.
That is fine with the first question now settled — your product is your blog.

We now turn to the question about the qualities of your blog.

Using the qualities of the product to sell is already an advertising technique.

Consumers prefer high quality products. What kind of quality blog do you have? Is it interesting in content. No matter how much people write about the benefits of “autobloging”, any “auto text” can’t be compared with the living emotions of an author’s creativity. Therefore, before embarking on the most basic steps to your blog promotion, you should check whether you have enough of quality content that would delight the minds of the discerning modern reader. Think of an gripping book from which you literally could not pull yourself away … did it happen to you?

So, a good blog content should be like that — addictive, intriguing, beneficial and interesting … If your blog has some unique features, then it is even better. The unique properties of your blog may be the key to your advertising strategy.

How to build advertising strategy for your blog?

For beginning just take a pen and paper and try to analyze your blog, try to look at it from the readers’ point of view, find your positive and negative qualities, and note it down. Make a mini marketing research, ask some friends or relatives what they think about the qualities of your blog, how they describe it – for example, would they recommend it to their colleagues. Record the results of the study, compare the results (what do they think and what do you think? Are the thoughts in the same direction?).

For such studies, it is always better to make a table and fill it as the information becomes available. The table will look approximately like this:
Advertising techniques for bloggers. Tab1

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