Big budgets and free hands! Does that make alcohol ads so different?

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So let us make big money on alcohol advertising. We might be against it or we might like it. Perhaps we never drink, or opposite. All this will not change the three basic facts that these advertisements exist, they usually have a good budget and they can make you famous if you are good in creativity. So, why many from the advertising fraternity do not accept to do these ads? I don’t know and I guess it is a personal choice of each professional. Even I would prefer Alka-Seltzer ad to an alcoholic drink ad.

But, imagine what you would create if some smart famous alcohol producer asks you to make their advertisements? Can you?

(I just love this ad)
In fact, these advertisers literally have deep pockets; other fact is they have so many restrictions that you will need to burn your brain to make something really great; and third fact so many big boys in advertising try their best….would you like to se e how it looks?

Look the gallery press the picture below

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