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Don’t you like advertising? Maybe you just don’t have the right recipe to cook it well!

Jul 28, 2010 No Comments

Honestly, how many times people complain to you: “Oh, how I hate this advertising, it interrupted my favorite serial forty five times in one hour, I don‘t want to know all this information…etc.” I wish to know, why, actually such a horrible thing as advertising is still with us? To understand the irony of this […]

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Secrets of advertising cuisine

Jul 26, 2010 No Comments

When the advertising brains are melting, and steam comes out of the ears, than the best ad-delicacy of all times is born. The secret of good advertising (in fact the main secret) is certainly hard work, serious brain storming with good mix of creative generous pinch of witticism, a bit of talent, luck and taste…other […]

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We need to show such videos to our clients, time to time:)

Jul 26, 2010 1 Comment

This You Tube video we get long time ago, but we can say it is unmoral classic. We often like to know how it will be if we will say that what we think…Maybe it is an answer.

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Jul 24, 2010 No Comments

How do you think, why these crazy Japanese chiefs spend so much time on aesthetic part? Can you guess? Oh, Forest of hands! Yes! Some one knows. And? The truth is that the aesthetic part of any dish is not less important than taste. And let’s say cheap printing or bad equipment can spoil even […]

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Jul 23, 2010 No Comments

Have you ever wondered that how do sounds involve us in some special tunes when we want to be happy, to eat something delicious or dance? Often music has been associated with drinks, it can be coffee, tea, beer, or plane water or any drinks verity. Can you imagine good dinner without drinks? Hardly, will […]

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Jul 22, 2010 No Comments

Many of us often say that: “Oh no! Design is not important in advertisements!” Is it so? Who knows? Let’s see… Design is like a nice spicy mustard or brilliant secret souse from the Chief, don’t be afraid, yes you can make all advertisement or identity without any knowledge about it. This just means that […]

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